Stimulating social entrepreneurship and active citizenship

About PublicSPACE

PublicSPACE is a Thinktank and Platform for social entrepreneurship. We stimulate and initiate innovation and creativity, influence the societal arena, and support social entrepreneurs and their specific ventures.
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Health Care

One of our main sectors of interest is Health Care. Especially in this sector Entrepreneurship and the common good comes together. The attention of PublicSPACE is directed at innovation by looking at the health care system as well as private initiative.
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Education is so fundamental in one’s upbringing that it is not an option to compromise. Decentralization or involvement of the for-profit sector could be the answer to systemic problems of under-funding, inefficiency and unprofessionalism that plagues public education in certain countries.
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Privatization, Liberization and Public-Private Partnership

Public officials, private entrepreneurs and citizens are looking for new ways of creating the public domain and public services in cooperation with each other. Public-private partnerships and liberalization policies can be created if they add value aimed at the common good. It is our opinion that it can be a very profitable policy for both the public and private sectors provided the outcome and the goals are of first concern, because the means are there.
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Corporate Governance

Today’s changes in society demand professional governance structures. The pressures on organizations to be transparent, balanced, financially stable and socially imbedded have increased. Consumerism, internet, recent financial crises, powerful lobby groups are the drivers for profound reconfiguration of corporate governance structures.
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Government and Public Services

The government and the way Public Services are run, have our continuing attention. Since the 20th century the government is responsible for an ever growing number of services concerning the common good. This tasks are run by the government, semi government and private parties. We analyse the way this tasks are caried out and the government steers this services. Social entrepreneurs and government officials benefit from our analysis.
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