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Leadership in Turbulent Times – International Leadership Association Annual Global Conference Brussels

The latest thinking on global leadership from experts in the field

Turbulence has emerged as the new normal. A critical, underlying human assumption about leading is that we are traversing or mobilizing from some current state toward a new state. Often this new state will be characterized as stable or predictable. But, what if the mindset of leading from turbulence to stability is antiquated? What if ‘stable’ never comes? Leadership in Turbulent Times will consider what turbulence means, and what it demands for effectively leading in a humane world of resilient communities and thriving organizations. Let’s marshal our individual and collective intelligence and advance the world’s understanding and practices of leading in turbulence.
Uncover the latest research, tools, and techniques in the field of leadership. ILA’s unique cross-sector, cross-generational, global conference will inform, inspire, and invigorate. There will be more than 1,200 leadership coaches and consultants, public leaders and executives, educators and students, and scholars and researchers to learn, share, and experience more integrated leadership thinking, practices, and solutions that can positively impact our complex global and local environments.
Steven de Waal will join this conference, as one of the leadership scolars. He will also introduce at several occasions in the conference his next step in research in civil leadership, as his disseration was about. He is searching for more examples of civil leaders (who in his definition operate from all private governance contexts: for-profit, non-profit and informal citizenship) from other countries than Holland to research them further and place the important phenomenon of civil leadership in a more international context.
Brussels, October 12 – 15, 2017

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